How to Entertain Yourself While On A Commercial Train

Commercial Train

Being on a train with a loved one or a close friend can be exciting and fun, obviously because you are going to converse, tell jokes and before you know it you are at your destination. But from time to time you might have to travel alone. Travelling alone can be fun, but it has its fair share of woes. And one of them is boredom.

In this article, we are going to discuss some interesting things you can do while on a train. 

1.    Read a magazine or a newspaper

There are different types of newspaper and magazines available to you and the good thing is that they are free. You can learn a lot by skimming them and reading anything that interests you.

2.    Read a book

If there has always been a book that you have been longing to read but have not had time to read, you should bring it out, read it and let your mind sink into the story or the subject you are reading.

3.    Study

If you are a student or you are learning anything new, you can use your time on a train to study and think deeply about what you are learning.

4.    Plan

You might find it difficult to set time aside to plan your week, month or even the entire year. While on a train, you have all the time in the world to note down your goals, dreams, and aspirations as well as strategies and how you can bring them to life.

5.    Meditate

Let your mind drift, think about a time in your life when you were really happy or had lots of fun. When you are done thinking, you can try writing down your thoughts and the emotions you felt.

6.    Look around

Raise your head up and look at the window, and marvel at the beautiful scenery during your trip.

7.    Talk to people

Of course, talking to a person sitting close to your can be a risky business because you might not be able to tell if the person sitting next to you really want to talk. But there is a chance that the person you plan to talk to is friendly. The choice is yours, you can choose to be quiet or have a random conversation with the person sitting next to you.

8.    Listen to music

Another thing you could do while on a train is to listen to music either through a headphone or earbuds. Many get carried away when listening to music, don’t be like them. Rather be conscious of your surroundings.

9.    Play game

With your smart phone, you can play the game you love or you can see what your friends are up to through your social media accounts.

Travelling can be fun especially if you are prepared. Before boarding a train, think about the things you are going to do during your trip. Also, you can try out the activities in this article; if you do you will hardly be bored.