Best Public Transport Options across the Globe

Going on holiday, you want to experience the best at an affordable cost despite how much you have at your disposal. Private transport may seem to be the best in some scenarios but there are areas where public transport is more rewarding. All that you have to do is ensure that the transport is reliable.

Use the City Circle Tram in Melbourne
When in Melbourne and you want to explore the city, there is no better way than to use the City Circle tram. You do not have to walk round the city as this tram will take you round. It operates all day thus you can hop on and off as you wish. The beauty of it is that you will not miss out on any major attraction of Melbourne as you will enjoy scenic views and commentary at the same time.

Board 339 for a Wine Tasting Trip in Argentina
If you are a wine enthusiasts and you are in Argentina, you may consider boarding 339 for an unforgettable experience. The bus leaves from Salta heading south to Cafatayate which is popularly known for its vineyards. This is where you will learn more about the famous Torrontes grapes and sample different wines. Along the way, you get to pass by cacti-covered hills, rock valleys and lush green vegetation that will take your breath away.

Enjoy Scenic Views from Diakopto to Kalavrita
If you are in Greece and you want to go for an amazing train trip, you should board the Odontotos rack railway. Taking you from Diakopto to Kalavrita, you will enjoy every moment of the 68 minutes you will be aboard the train. Along the way, you get to pass by towering cliffs, a UNESCO World Heritage geological area, Vouraikos gorge, canopies of plane trees and beautiful waterfalls. The journey is a charming one.

Head to Coleraine from Derry in Ireland
This journey will give you an amazing experience of this side of the country. The trip will take you less than an hour and during this time, there are scenic views such as the Downhill Strand, the north-west coast of the country and the Mussenden Temple among others.

As you travel across the globe there are interesting ways that you can get to appreciate the beauty of a place. These are public transport options that will see you have a better experience than when you hire a taxi. However, it will depend on how reliable the public transport is in that particular destination.