That's Not a Truck - This is an Aussie Road Train

You may remember the original saying from the movie - Crocodile Dundee: "That's not a knife... This is a Knife!" It's a funny movie that's for sure. If you have not seen it I recommend renting it out. Ah what am I talking about. Download it! In today's post we will be talking about the great Aussie Road Train. When you see these marvels in action you will see what we mean by not being just a truck. We sure do have some long trucks on our roads these days. The great B-Double in Australia is common to see making it's way through the metropolitan areas of big cities. Obviously not going through any small suburban streets but using the main roads for sure. But Road Trains - they are truly something else. The term road train is typically reserved for a truck pulling at least 2 or more trailers. With this respect a B-Double could be considered a road train however one of the trailers is about half the size of the semi trailer (the long one at the back), and because they are so common around city areas no-one every refers to them by this term.However once you start adding more trailers into the pull the road train term is born into life. If you want to see them in action, look up road train Australia on a video sharing site. They drive on the outback roads in Australia mainly used for transporting mining excavations. The roads are so straight that the road train does not have to worry about turning around any corners which would make the concept impossible. The longest road trains in use have up to 7 trailers being pulled by the one track body. Out of these 7 trailers 6 are full length and the middle one is the half size trailer like in a B-Double. This is incredible to see in action and is definitely worth a look. But if you are looking for the longest road train every in action well then have a go at this. On the 18th Feb 2006 112 trailers were connected reaching a combined length of over 1.4km and was pulled 100m. Now of course this is not practical for any means of transport but when someone wants to beat a record it shows anything can be done. In wrapping up the Aussie road train remember this. They are not something that you would buy a ticket for and hop on board expecting a nice reclining chair or restaurant carriage but it sure is a unique form of transport for industrial uses in the modern world.