Don't Leave Your Old Scrap Vehicle On The Highway

Truckies and other frequent highway users know all too well the amount of abanded cars littered across our roads. But it doen't have to be this way. Car removal companies such as are more than happy to get rid of such unwanted vehicles. So much so they even pay the owner to clear it away.

It happens all too often. A person is low on cash and keeps putting off their car service. They keep pushing their vehicle without giving it the love or at least maintenance it needs. Then one day while headin down the road, bang! A blow headgasket. Or maybe it is less dramatic. A slow over heating of the engine until irrevesable damage is caused. Either way the car has reached the end of it's life.

The problem from here on out is that people will then simply dump the car on the side of the road and leave it to rot. How rediculous! These cash poor people think that it will cost them more money to have the car towed and removed so simply count the car as useless and worthless, but it's not. 

Car removal companies happily pay good amounts to car owners who simply need to get their car removed and off their hands. Running or not these car removal companies pay anything from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. All the owner needs to do is prove ownership and sign over the car to their removalist. It's that simple. 

So if you have a scrap car that is left sitting on the side of the road somewhere get on the phone now. You could have some extra cash in your pocket. Even if you are not concerned with making money then at least give them a call to help clean up our roads. Why not, they remove you dumped car and it doesn't cost you a thing.