Safety tips when using public transportation

Travel Safely

Many love to use public transportation while in a foreign country, obviously because they are cheaper and it creates a window where the local culture and tradition of a location can be easily observed. 
As wonderful as using a public transportation system may be, it still has its fair share of risk. While in a foreign city you need to be alert at all times. 
In this article, we are going to be looking at some travel safety tips that will keep you safe while using a public transportation system. 

  1. Logos and colors: Take note of the official colors of taxis and buses before using them, doing this will help you in spotting the legitimate one. In some countries, there are a lot of fake cabs that criminals use to target tourist. But if you know the official logo or color of cabs and buses, you will be able to avoid being adopted by criminals. 
  2. Official badge or permit: Before you enter a taxi, take a quick look around to see if you can find any badge or permit on display. If you happen to see a badge, check if the driver’s picture matches the picture of the person on the badge. Also, you can ask hotel staffs or a local police to tell you how you can determine if a cab or a bus is legitimate.
  3. Stay alert and awake: While on a cab or on a bus, you might be tempted to take a quick nap or to read a book, but if you do that, you are creating a window for your wallet, backpack, and other important things to be taken from you. If you sleep for too long you might pass your drop off point and end up in a strange place. Always stay awake and alert during your trip even if you are tired and exhausted.
  4. Have an idea of where you are going: If it might seem convenient, you could tell the driver the place you are going so that he can take you there. But you need to have it at the back of your mind that a driver might have a malicious agenda. What you should do therefore is to get a map and pay close attention to the route your driver takes.
  5. When a bus gets too crowded, get off: When you are on a crowded bus you might find it difficult for you to watch your belongings. Also, when a bus becomes crowded it becomes easier for thieves and pickpocket to operate and get away without you noticing

Travelling to a foreign country can be fun and exciting but it has its share of risks, but an application of the tips found in this article, will be able to help you keep yourself and your belongings safe.